4 Dividend Growth Stocks Worth Adding Here


  • The two juggernauts in telecom, AT&T and Verizon offer investors a 5%+ dividend yield
  • Public Storage is the leader in self storage units and has phenomenal financial flexibility
  • Realty Income is a perennial investor favorite and “The Monthly Dividend Company”
  • All four companies offer investors attractive dividend growth opportunities at currently depressed levels

With the stock market seemingly hitting new all-time highs every week, the common narrative is there are no good investing opportunities left.  As a dividend growth investor I am always scouring for stocks that represent a good value to the overall market.

I present four dividend growth stocks worth adding here.

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Bought More AT&T


  • I bought more AT&T after receiving my custom stock alert
  • Shares crossed over the 5% yield mark which made them look compelling
  • Expecting 7-8% annual total returns from this purchase
  • 40 more shares will bring an additional $78.40 of income based on today’s dividend rate


I’m playing a little catch-up with my portfolio changes.  On May 2nd I bought more AT&T after receiving a text alert that it crossed over 5% dividend yield.

custom stock alert for at&t

AT&T, along with other telecoms I typically view as cash cows to be periodically purchased at an appropriate yield.  I could talk about the underlying business growth but this will just be a slow steady eddy type stock.  I’m not expecting rapid growth so initial purchase price is paramount.

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