New Stock Screener Utility

I’m proud to announce I have launched a new stock screener for Custom Stock Alerts.  There are several double handled sliders that allow you to quickly fine tune your filters you are interested in.  There are currently the following filters:

  • Market Cap
  • Dividend Yield
  • P/E ratio
  • 52 week range
  • Equity type (stocks, ETFs, preferred shares coming soon)

Enjoy the short demo:


More explained after the break.


I wanted to create something that functions a little bit different than some existing screeners out there.  I found them too inflexible with the parameters provided.  I’ve set it up with double handled sliders so that you can quickly and easily set a range of values you may be interested in to help start stock research.


You can quickly and easily see how the table repopulates based on your criteria.  The filters are hide-able to maximize the viewing area.  The filters are also easily re-settable.  The screener is mobile friendly and will always be ad free for paid members.  The tool itself does not require any signup access though I do ask you to view ads in order to support me.

What Else?

I’m looking for some initial feedback, I have more filter ideas coming for the future as well as more tie-ins to the other tools I’ve created.  I plan on adding a friendly sector filter including multiple sector support to fine tune areas you may be interested in.  I’m also compiling information to screen for preferred shares for those interested.  Later on I’ll have presets, for example, large cap dividend stock ideas, growth stocks, etc.  I’ll also create a mechanism for existing users to save their own filters for rapid use later.


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