I wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I completed the Bootstrap 4 upgrade for Custom Stock Alerts that I first covered in this post.  Most of the upgrade was changing necessary code around to be compliant with Bootstrap 4 vs 3.  I did take the opportunity to rework the top navigation bar a little bit in preparation for more future changes.

Navigation Bar Updates

The top nav bar now stretches the full width of the display and is pinned to the top.  I also moved the login fields into a form on the bar rather.

bootstrap 4 sample menu

Let me know if you notice anything bizarre on any type of device and I’ll take a look.  I took the opportunity to clean up some of the page code and I still have some updates to do, namely for the help page.

Now that the upgrade is complete I can begin adding some of the newer features that I’ve wanted to add.  I’ll highlight those features in a later post as they are closer to being released.


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