Monopoly dividends

Great Time To Add More SCHD

The Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD) has been a pillar of my investing portfolio.  At a very high level, it’s a low-cost ETF that invests in quality, dividend paying (and growing) companies.  I own it in both my retirement account as well as my taxable account.  There are numerous reasons why I own it and will continue to add to it.  In fact, I am preparing to add more over the next week prior to the upcoming dividend payment.

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Adding More Home Depot This Week

Home improvement has been a great business model for some time.  Regardless of what the economy is doing, Americans love upgrading their homes.  Housing market strong?  “Well maybe it’s time to get a few projects done and look into moving.”  Weak housing market?  “We’ll we can repaint the bedroom or redo that bathroom since we’ll be staying here longer.”

Home ownership is a never ending hamster wheel of home fixes and improvements.  Buyers expect homes to be turn-key or “move in ready”.  Home improvement is an easy to understand business.  They sell the things that facilitate people upgrading their homes.  Home Depot is the leader of this pack.

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Hosting Migration

I have a quick post to make regarding my hosting of Dividend Derek.  I’ve migrated the domain and site content from Amazon Web Services to Bluehost as part of a broader restructuring of my domains.  While I hope the transition is seamless, this is my first time migrating a WordPress site.  Please let me know if anything flat out doesn’t work or doesn’t seem right while I try to iron out any issues over the next few days.

Completed The UI Upgrade For Custom Stock Alerts

I wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I completed the Bootstrap 4 upgrade for Custom Stock Alerts that I first covered in this post.  Most of the upgrade was changing necessary code around to be compliant with Bootstrap 4 vs 3.  I did take the opportunity to rework the top navigation bar a little bit in preparation for more future changes.

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