Excited Changes Coming For Custom Stock Alerts

I wanted to mention that I have some exciting updates coming to Custom Stock Alerts.  At a high level, I am refreshing the user interface which will then enable me to bring more new features.

Interface Refresh

The first project I am working on is updating my interface from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.  When I was first designing the site, Bootstrap 4 alpha was not available but is a fairly substantial overhaul  by the folks who designed it.  There are a lot of new features and tweaks that make the platform more friendly for users on all devices.  So firstly, I want to help ensure going forward that everyone is able to successfully use Custom Stock Alerts.  Additionally, by moving up to the latest and greatest version I can leverage new features for various ideas that I have for the platform.

At a high level there will be some changes on the platform such as a redone navigation system.  Here’s a quick snippet, though not final yet.

Here’s how the navigation system looks today:

current bootstrap 3 menu system

And here’s roughly how I envision the new navigation to look:

bootstrap 4 sample menu

I’m making the navigation bar more prominent, stretching the entire display though the contents will still be centered for proper viewing on all devices.  It’s also fixed to the top and I’m moving the login form off of the bar and nesting it into it’s own dropdown modal item on the bar.

One other quick example are how the popup modals have changed (this is standard functionality by the way):

Bootstrap 4 (for invalid login)

bootstrap 3 modal

Bootstrap 4:

bootstrap 4 modal

By and large at first I am just making the code changes in order to properly migrate from 3 to 4.  From there I can then have a fresh look at enhancing UI features.

If you care to read more about Bootstrap 4 here is a link covering the team’s high level changes from 3 to 4.

New Features

Once I complete the migration I have a few ideas in mind to improve the user experience on the site.  One angle I want to promote is idea generation – providing the data that I have in a creative but user driven fashion to help you find stock ideas you may want to pursue further.  From there I want you to be able to quickly add alerts based off the data being presented.

Another idea I have is being able to drill directly to a stock you want to learn more about.  For example, navigating to customstockalerts.com/KO will take you to a page where I can present all of the information I have about Coca Cola with some nice data visualizations.  Again, from that detailed page I’ll have the ability to add specific alerts.

One fun feature I want to add is the ability to let you decide your own theme for the site.  Don’t care for the cerulean?  No problem!  I’d like to throw in a theme selector with a user savable preference.  Here are the themes that are available.


I hope to bring the refreshed UI within the next week or two and get some feedback from the user community.  After that I can start building some of the new feature concepts I have.  As always, I’m open to other ideas you may have.


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