2 New Features in Custom Stock Alerts

I want to highlight two new features that have come to Custom Stock Alerts.   The first is upcoming dividend alerts for ETFs and the second is a “Keep Enabled” option.  These two have been on my backlog for some time but I finally have them available.

ETF Ex-Dividend Alerting

When companies announce a dividend, there is a lag from the time they announce it until the date you have to own the stock (the ex-dividend date).  Sometimes its a week, sometimes its longer like a month.  The point is, that lag is what makes upcoming dividends “alertable”.

The problem with ETFs is that there is no lag, the date that the dividend for an ETF is announced is already too late to add more shares to receive that payment.  Depending on  the ETF, you may need to wait another quarter or longer until the next payment round.

What I’ve built is an estimated ex-dividend date for ETFs.  Using analytics on past dividend dates I roughly predict when the next ex-dividend date will be.  The opportunity there is this is now alertable.  Here’s a sample:

screenshot showing an upcoming ex-dividend date for an etf

The Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD) is currently my favorite dividend paying ETF.  I wrote a much deeper analysis on my thoughts here (in fact that was my first published article ever).

Based on the logic I wrote, I am roughly predicting the next ex-dividend date to be March 21st.  It probably won’t be that exact date but my alert will be sent to me 5 days prior.  This gives me ample time to get my ducks in a row if I wish to buy more shares.

“Keep Enabled” Alerts

The other feature I created is a “Keep Enabled” option for the “Daily Percent Price Change” stock alert.

stock alert with keep enabled active

Using 3M as an example, I’ll get an alert if the stock moves up or down 5% or more.  This will only trigger once a day but now I can really stay on top of my stocks without having to go back in an re-enabling the alert.

I’ve set this up for all of my holdings, things on my watchlist and even the S&P itself just to be aware if the market makes a big move either way.

Right now this feature is only available on the “Daily Percent Price Change” alert type, I could enable it for the others but I don’t think it makes much sense.  Would you want a daily alert if a stock was above a particular price or a particular dividend yield was crossed?  I’m open to it but I’d like to hear a compelling use case for it.

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