2016 Updates

Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted, between all sorts of seasonal events with friends and family, I’ve been pretty heads down working on the project I am almost ready to formally announce.  In the meantime, here is my year end 2016 wrap up that I wrote on Seeking Alpha (link).

Some of the excerpts:

2016: $3901 in dividends received

December: $756 in dividends and a personal monthly record

2017: Targeting $5,000 in dividends received and $5,800 in forward looking income.  Here’s the math behind it.

Starting Income$5,000
5% Organic Dividend Growth$250
Maxing 401k New Money$540
End of 2017 Income$5,790

I also made a few trades during the month, I went on a mini-Santa spree and bought some shares on December 22nd.  Here’s a summary of those transactions.


Sorry to be brief but more will become clear in due time.

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