Verizon in 2018

Earnings Recap

Verizon reported their Q4 earnings on January 23rd and it was a mixed bag at first.

Verizon (NYSE:VZ): Q4 EPS of $0.86 misses by $0.02.

Revenue of $33.96B (+5.0% Y/Y) beats by $700M.

Top line miss / bottom line beat.  Hard to expect much growth from a big telecom, right?  Short answer, no.

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Early Earnings Season Review – Financials!


I want to give a quick analysis of where we are with earnings season.  At a high level, earnings have been quite good for most companies and especially the ones I own.  The tax plan enacted at the end of the year has given another growth catalyst to companies already making record profits.

As part of managing my holdings I have been reviewing the reports that have come in.  Perhaps the biggest thing I am looking for is the 2018 guidance provided by management.

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4 Dividend Growth Stocks Worth Adding Here


  • The two juggernauts in telecom, AT&T and Verizon offer investors a 5%+ dividend yield
  • Public Storage is the leader in self storage units and has phenomenal financial flexibility
  • Realty Income is a perennial investor favorite and “The Monthly Dividend Company”
  • All four companies offer investors attractive dividend growth opportunities at currently depressed levels

With the stock market seemingly hitting new all-time highs every week, the common narrative is there are no good investing opportunities left.  As a dividend growth investor I am always scouring for stocks that represent a good value to the overall market.

I present four dividend growth stocks worth adding here.

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Dividend Portfolio Update For June 2017

Dividend Portfolio Update

This is my dividend portfolio update article series.  I like to highlight a few facts and figures from the month.  I’ll share my income, any portfolio changes, any dividend increases (or cuts) and anything interesting that I feel to talk about.


  • I collected  $760 in dividend income during June
  • I made 7 trades during the month; 4 sales and 3 buys
  • At the end of the month I held 51 stocks
  • Read The Intelligent REIT Investor
  • Big change to Custom Stock Alerts!

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